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First of all, if you or a loved one have been told that you have heart failure, don’t panic. Your doctor did not mean that your heart has stopped working completely and there is nothing he or you can do about it. It means that your heart is weaker and pumping with less power than normal. The pressure in your heart has increased and your heart is not pumping all the oxygen and nutrients your body needs. Your body depends on your heart to pump oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the cells in your body. Your cells must receive proper nourishment for your body to function normally. But with heart failure, your heart is weak and it can’t supply enough oxygen and nutrients to your blood.

This can make you feel tired and short of breath. Even common everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs, or carrying groceries can become very difficult. Yes, heart failure is a serious medical condition, but if you receive proper treatment and make the necessary lifestyle changes, you can live a full and satisfying life.

Even though you may feel frightened and alone, take comfort in the fact that there are approximately 5.7 million Americans just like you who have heart failure, and every year, 670,000 new cases are diagnosed. If you follow your doctor’s directions and exercise plan and change your diet, you can manage this condition.

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